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+9 votes

I think an option to set up New cache notifiers with attributes as filters would be a nice addition. If it is possible to add of course.

Some examples of the uses I can see for this would be:

  • Setting up notifiers for your local area with caches with the "field puzzle" attribute as instant notifiers and having a "all mystery caches" as a daily digest.

  • Setting up a daily digest for challenge caches for a region or country even if you don't want notifications about every mystery cache for the same area. 

  • Daily digest of all caches in a country/region with for example the attribute "abandoned structure" (or maybe "scuba gear required", "abandoned mine", "climbing gear required" or whatever your preferred type of adventure is) to see if anything interesting pops up for your next road trip.

And so on, I'm sure there are many ways to use this. :)

Maybe a "not allowed" option would also be useful? Here I'm mainly thinking about solving the problem where I know some people become frustrated with power trails maxing out the 30 day limit of their notifications, so I'm thinking a user in a powertrail rich area could add a "not allowed" to the power trail attribute for all their notifications and would get their normal notifications for all caches that does not have the power trail attribute and no notifications for caches with the power trail attribute. But it could of course also be used for things like "T5 caches without the attribute boat required" and other things.

in Feature requests by Pleu (25.3k points)

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