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The checker for GC2ZZ0N reports I have no qualifying finds for cache owners whose name begins with 9. I have two finds that satisfy the necessary condition.

GC4XA5R owned by 911Geocacher

GCV06V owned by 91324
in Bug reports by qbee37 (490 points)
GC4XA5R has the name Mr & Mrs HappyGoLucky on the cache page though the link does go to 911geocacher - that may be why it didn't find that one
GCV06V does have the name 91324 on the cache page - so can see a bug there.

Though the checker does work for me
I have received a notice about an improper tag for this checker.  The suggestion is that the "owner_name" field should be in the tag instead of "placed_by".

There is a potential issue here because both are used in the description of the challenge.

In the opening description of the challenge it states:

"In order to log this cache as a find, you must first find and log a cache that has been hidden by another cacher whose official cache name begins with each of the 36 alphanumeric characters."

This implies the "placed_by" tag should be used.

However, later in the rules it says:

"2. All types of caches qualify as long as the cache owner's name qualifies."

This implies the "owner_name" tag should be used.

As mentioned, these may not be the same thing as a new CO can take over a cache placed by someone else.  However, I think the challenge's owner did intend to mean "owner" and not "placed_by".  So I have updated the tag now to "owner_name".  It shows that a challenge must be written carefully.

I had noted that other checkers were using "placed_by" for this type of challenge when I developed it so other checkers may require updating (not owned by me).  Also while verifying the update I noticed that 2 previous cachers who had passed the challenge now no longer qualify.
One additional very important note:

Because cache owners can change, this does mean now that your qualifying caches can change.  "Placed by" is forever unchanged, while "owner name" can change. You may have a qualifying cache today, but it could change tomorrow.  That may cause some confusion as to why a person's qualifying cache list has changed, and this is why.

This did happen to the 2 people I mention in my comment.  Because a CO changes, their previously qualifying caches no longer qualify.

So be warned about the dynamic nature of this... your qualifying cache list can suddenly change on you.

2 Answers

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The user caverdon has made a small mistake when tagging the challenge.

The challenge states  "has been hidden by another cacher whose official cache name begins with each of the 36 alphanumeric characters", thats the owner field, and not the placed by field. 

I made a test clone of the checker and it works ok with the owner field:

[qbee37]( has used [Project-GC]( "Project-GC Challenge Checker") to see if they qualified for this challenge and they did.

0 [GC21XBH]( by 06wrx, found on 2018-06-30
1 [GC36158]( by 1849, found on 2015-06-13
2 [GC46N05]( by 24TreasureHunting, found on 2013-02-26
3 [GC2QA63]( by 360shooter, found on 2012-05-25
4 [GC1F0XB]( by 4-eyes, found on 2012-12-26
5 [GCR83G]( by 5fishers, found on 2012-11-09
6 [GC3XQ70]( by 66henry, found on 2019-12-13
7 [GC3NVNM]( by 70type3, found on 2015-01-17
8 [GC2QXW5]( by 805toes, found on 2013-12-26
9 [GC4XA5R]( by 911Geocacher, found on 2018-04-14
A [GCRNX5]( by Artista, found on 2012-05-25
B [GCTPVH]( by BLIG, found on 2012-06-03
C [GC21DB8]( by Curtster, found on 2012-05-28
D [GC2W2R8]( by DaddyO48+MommyO, found on 2012-04-21
E [GC3EWYT]( by EcuaDeb, found on 2012-07-17
F [GC3J9AA]( by Feral Kat, found on 2012-08-04
G [GCVQN7]( by goldnretrievers, found on 2012-05-24
H [GC34PEJ]( by HawaiianHairball, found on 2012-05-30
I [GC3DDFE]( by Il_Gatto_Matto, found on 2012-07-20
J [GC3VQ2H]( by janles1, found on 2012-08-30
K [GCMFXQ]( by kwicker, found on 2012-08-10
L [GCYGM6]( by lunarspaz, found on 2012-06-16
M [GCNHFA]( by MightyDee, found on 2012-05-22
N [GC387F3]( by nittany005, found on 2012-10-17
O [GC1BCFN]( by Oreo Pony, found on 2012-05-24
P [GC38VDB]( by PALOOKA805, found on 2012-06-02
Q [GC1KCW2]( by qwert1515, found on 2012-06-22
R [GC1MNCN]( by running@50, found on 2012-05-23
S [GCNY45]( by scooterman, found on 2012-05-24
T [GCKEH0]( by TOHiker, found on 2012-05-27
U [GC2938Y]( by Usnjason, found on 2012-12-21
V [GCQZYN]( by ventura_kids, found on 2012-05-26
W [GC2DTYH]( by Waterpolo NJC, found on 2012-11-09
X [GC1K2TK]( by XKlondike, found on 2013-02-10
Y [GC12Q3A]( by Yosemite John and Debbie, found on 2013-06-14
Z [GC38VEP]( by zdonb, found on 2012-07-15

by endator (2.9k points)
selected by qbee37
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You need to take this up with the person who wrote the checker. Click the envelope beside the checker name to contact them.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.0k points)