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Paying members can chose to recieve an email advising them of changes to favourite points, when someone favourites (or removes a favourite) from one of their caches. Every time I see this report the very next thing I always think is how many favourites does this cache now have? Every single time. It seems odd that having been told I have a recieved a favourite that I have to look elsewhere to find how many this cache now has.

In the notification email, at each cache summary, beside difficulty/terrain/size, could you please include total favourites (including those just added or removed).

Many thanks!

in Feature requests by the Seagnoid (Expert) (46.3k points)
Though I understand the reason behind the question - my thought on this is ...
when you think how many favourites does this cache now have, what do you do with that info - would you have known how many favourites that cache had before you got the email - what changes now knowing how many it has as a result of it getting one or two more or one or two less and you being notified
The reason I ask that, is that for me after I have had a notification (though more often I am aware as I get the cache logged notification email which also says I got a fav for that cache) I do actually go on the site and review all my caches and have a look at all the various fav points each one has.
If I get one where a fav has been removed - sadly it happens, but I do have a look at who it was and wonder why the decision was made
I too occasionally go to the site and compare that cache amongst my others. But that's just an occasional thing. But when I get the notification email I ALWAYS wonder just how many it has now. It seems to be a natural question that arises from the report that can easily be built in. The other natural question that arises is why were they added/removed, but I do not think that cluttering the report format with the logs is the appropriate.

And I assume that if I always wonder this, others probably do too!

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