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I'm a paid member, and if I understand your response to the previous question correctly, the caches that I found on Aug 24 should show up in my profile stats on Aug 25. But as of 1730 this hasn't happened. Did I misunderstand the answer or is there an issue with the system?
related to an answer for: How often does the Profile Stats update?
in Support and help by SafariBabe (170 points)
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1 Answer

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The Profile Stats ate rendered about every 24th hour for paying members. However, they are rendered on the data that Project-GC has at that time.

It is a very complex procedure to collect the data to generate those statistics and therefore we can't just fetch it before rendering.

But normally, the data used to render the statistics is less than 24 hours old. But some data are more likely to exist than other. For example, if you have published a geocache the last 24 hours, it's much less likely to be included than your latest finds. Also, it is possible that only some of your finds from the latest 24 hours are included, and it may not be in the correct order.

The normal case as it works now, us that we try to include all the data up until, and including, the day before we render. So if the statistics are updated at the 24th at 5pm, it will include all finds up until the 23rd. In some cases there might still be some missing data for the 23rd.

We are in the process of redesigning a bit of the Profile stats background jobs but due to how the api at Groundspeak works, it will still be with around 1-2 days latency.
by magma1447 (Admin) (237k points)