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Duplicate logs on your own caches

+3 votes
Is there a way to find duplicate Found logs by the same cacher? Many maybe mistakes by the finder. Takes too long to search.
asked Oct 6, 2014 in Feature requests by jellis (420 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote

You can use the page both to find multiple logs on the same cache by the same cacher and caches that someone has logged multiple times. 

answered Oct 6, 2014 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (148,690 points)
Not sure how that would work. That would be a lot of names. There is no way I can use caches not cacher to find duplicates? Example: Pick one of my caches and search for cachers with duplicate found logs?
It's not that bad, I think. For all my ~80 caches I get a list of about 15 duplicate logs, and I've never bothered to remove any before.
I like to clean up my caches.
Your total as of this writing is 23 duplicate logs (OK, one triplicate). Why is it a problem to get all that on one page?

The cache ID for each entry links to one of the duplicate logs. The latest one, I think. Note that they may not necessarily be duplicates as such. See for instance the first cache in your list; there the same cacher has logged the cache twice in different years, apparently not knowing about the first log on the second visit.
Sorry I thought it only showed one. Thank you
Still wish when the Edited logs are made they would show the original. I now need to save all DNF logs made.
What do you mean that you need to save DNFs? A DNF and then a Found on the same cache is not a duplicate log for that cache, and DNFs should not be removed if the same cacher later makes a Found log.
Separate subject. I asked once before about alerts of edited logs. Once edited you don't see what the original said.
That's true, since we don't store the content of previous logs. When there's an edit we don't have the old version stored so we can include that in the notification messages.

(When asking a completely separate question it's much better to create a new thread so that other people interested in the same thing stand a better chance of finding it.)
Not really a question. I've already asked it. I was only making a point I have to save DNFs  because I have no idea what was changed and the only ones I would care about is someone changing a DNF to a found.