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+1 vote
The text about the Markdown-incompatible logs tool still refers to the now removed "Groundspeak's conversion tool", and there is a broken link to their help pages.
in Bug reports by ChriBli (230 points)
Seeing the responsiveness to some other issues in this forum, I can't understand why this is totally ignored (by project-gc staff). I actually did report it before, using the "Support" interface, it must have been years ago.
Maybe I'm not making myself clear? Under Tools/Others/Markdown-incompatible logs there is some text, referring to a Groundspeak tool that no longer exists. There is also a link to their help center that leads into the void. Surely this would not be very difficult to correct?

1 Answer

0 votes
I can confirm this.

It would be nice if PGC implements a fix for the problem. If there are new issues with the connection to Groundspeak-Servers, a semi-automatic approach would also be fine:

Provide corrected Markdown-Compatible Log for Copy&Paste in the tools site together with the direct link of the corresponding Log. After clicking on it, the paste and submit would be an easy task (depending on the amount of incompatible Logs).

Maybe more automation can be realised by Javascript with automatic paste in the Log-Formular?
by Onkel Benny (3.5k points)