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I couldn't find any info about this topic.
in Feature requests by Catex (120 points)
Edit: Converted to comment since I misread the original question.

3313852 active geocaches at the moment (including disabled). The quickest way to check is actually at since Project-GC has to fetch the data, refresh status on caches etc, so just a search with no filters on the main site gives you the most current number.

On Project-GC the closest tool is probably
You can use empty country filter to get this number too:
@Jakuje I could probably have worded that better. :) My point was that the data in that Project-GC statistics is only calculated once a week and the number you get from is more or less instantly updated. So for this one number might be preferable since it will be more accurate/up to date. :)
I guess the question was about the number of active geocachers, not geocaches. Those are probably a lot fewer, even if the disabled ones are included. The project-gc link offered actually gives some info on this too, although I can not set an empty country filter. It just defaults to Sweden for me.
@ChriBli Oops, sloppy reading, thanks for correcting me there, I'll change this answer to a comment.

Setting an empty country filter is generally a paid membership feature, so that would be my guess for why you can't use it.

1 Answer

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The problem lies in the definition. What is an active geocacher? In the latest "year in review" infographic from Groundspeak it says that 2,128,969 geocachers found at least one geocache last year.

The project-gc tool has some additional definitions of active, but I can't seem to get that to give me the worldwide numbers.
by ChriBli (230 points)
The PGC-number is 2127639 cachers in and from the world during 2020.

For 2021 the number "from world" so far is 1089099 and the number "in world" is 1089103. So either four aliens are geocaching, or this is a good way to show the problem with the data being updated once a week. ;)