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The new maps look great, however for some countries that are close to the dateline the MapExtent is a bit unfortunate. For example, New Zealand: I see almost nothing of NZ, but have large parts of South America in the view. Would it be possible to fix this optical issue?
in Bug reports by smellfooth (4.8k points)

1 Answer

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Absolutely. We are aware that we probably have missed a few (or many) cases around the International Date Line. If you find such images/maps, throw a comment with the image link here, or send the image link to Support.

We can resolve the hash into its actual values and see the actual settings behind the image. It's a hash which is key in a soon to be very long lookup table.
by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
selected by smellfooth
map of Oceania: - fixed

map of New Zealand: - fixed

map of USA: - fixed

that are the maps, which are visible at the moment. Some country maps are not visible in my profile, like you wrote in the news
@smellfooth I will try to take a look at your profile to find more of them as well. Right now our GIS-server is crying and looking for a new home. It's a bit worse than expected. We are also looking into adding some more resources temporarily.
the projection of the map of Portugal is quite unusal. Maybe it is mathmatical correct, but continental portugal is quite distored.
I think the maps of the Faeroer Islands are missing?
Regarding Portugal I would say it's typical Mercator (EPSG:3857). Here is a screenshot with Google Maps and our static image side by side, in almost the same size.

Regarding Faroe Islands - This is on the TODO list. When rewriting the map handling in Profile stats there has been a few new minor bugs. It seems that countries without counties aren't visible anymore. This will of course be looked in to.
Countries without counties should be fixed with the next render as well. Some unlucky thinking in the code. It generated the data needed, found that there was no counties and just threw away the data it had compiled.
You are right, the map of Portugal has a correct projection - I mixed up the map with the map of Equador, which was following in my profil (maybe the original map of Portugal wasnt loaded)

but anyway,  the Azores Islands are missing 8-)
That's intentional. Without checking I believe it was like that before as well. The map wouldn't be very useful looking like this:
there is a similar problem with the detailed map of Chile/Valparaiso as with the maps of Portugal. Easter Island distorts both of these maps extremely.