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0 votes
Looking at the maps - New Zealnd is identified as having 3 regions - it only had 2 before
North and South Island
Can someone identify the third please
in Miscellaneous by Deepdiggingmole (13.8k points)

1 Answer

+4 votes
Best answer
It is called ‘Chatham Islands’, a set of small islands to the SE of the main islands.
by DrAcorn (5.2k points)
selected by Deepdiggingmole
And for further information this was added to match the regions at since Geocaching HQ added this region.
This 3rd region should show on the map or at least in the region filters displayed in text form. Currently one can only quess what the 3rd region is and that's not nice.
@j-he The 3rd region shows with the Map Region, Map Counties, Map Compare and all the other map based tools I checked. Where in the "region filters displayed in text form" do you not see it? Because that sounds like a bug.

The reason Chatham Islands was trimmed from the country map in the Profile Stats is because the country would have to be too small in the map for it to show and that would mean it would be hard/impossible to show the counties of the country if Chatham Islands where included. This has been done to many countries.
Maybe the current maps can be changed to include inserts for remote locations? There are more countries that would benefit from this, like Alaska for the US.