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+4 votes
The ability to filter for caches that are at least xx distance away but closer than yy distance away from a center point would be a very useful addition to the already amazing "center and radius" filter.  

1. This would help us be able to find caches that meet a "Well traveled cacher" type challenge cache where X number of caches must be found in each 5 mile band from your home point.  i.e. 1 cache each 5 mi band to 250 mi:  ex: 0-5 mi; 5-10 mi; 10-15 mi... 245-250 mi.

2. This would help when planning a trip. Often when planning a road trip with friends (maybe to some Mega event) we will make a list of caches to get along the way in a virtual gps shared list here in Project gc, but we want to ignore all caches close to home as we could easily get them on a non "road trip" day.  

In both cases adding the filter should help avoid hitting the "10,000 cache limit" on the "Map Compare" tool typically used to plan a trip by removing caches that you want to ignore anyway that are close to home providing a much better experience.
in Feature requests by HuntinTrea$ure (260 points)
Hello  - was there ever a response to this, please? It would be extremely useful.

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