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0 votes
I'm able to get my own find list as gpx. But is there a chance to get the finds of another user?
in Support and help by Kamikazecarsten (180 points)
edited by Kamikazecarsten

1 Answer

0 votes

If you have a paid membership at Project-GC you could use the MapCompare and use the other users name in Profile Name, select "One found", add the filter for "Show disabled/archived" and get all their finds on a map, from there you could add all the caches to a Virtual GPS and then export it as a gpx-file.

by Pleu (14.1k points)
note, that map compare has a limit to 3000 caches shown if I remember well so you might need to split the list by location, date or something else to get the complete list.
The limit is 10000 as far as I know, but yes, it's a good point that some additional filters to split the list might be necessary.
"The table is limited to 3000 entries" (if you try to list all my finds in Map Compare).
Yes, the table maxes out earlier, but why use the table when the polygon tool on the map lets you add 10k at once to your Virtual GPS?