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0 votes
At the moment it is becomming increasingly difficult to navigate from one script to the other script because of the number of tag shown. I'm at this moment at 2200 + tags and the list on one page is becomming very long.

When I'm working in a certain area or on a challenge trail it becomes difficult to switch scripts and I am forced to work with only one script.

It would be handy to open and close the tags on a script so it is possible to switch between scripts quicker.

Also due to the greater  number of scripts becomming availabled it is easier to find the required script.
in Feature requests by vogelbird (Expert) (55.4k points)
edited by vogelbird (Expert)

1 Answer

0 votes
Patch going live in 2 minutes!
by magma1447 (Admin) (237k points)
Thanks Ganja, This is a great improvement.
This seems to be broken on chrome v '39.0.2171.95 m' (it won't expand). The work around for scripts you own is just to hit edit to go into the script you want but that doesn't work for other people's scripts that you've tagged.

It's not causing any real problems for me right now as I'm just working on my own scripts (and does work in ie if necessary).
I'll look into it straight away. My process is that I develop the site in firefox (much due to firebug), and then I use the site in Chrome. But I haven't really used this part yet.
Hm, fast answer again. Could you try a shift-reload? And make sure you wait until everything has been reloaded. I don't have any issues in my chrome, and honestly, I wouldn't expect there to be.
Hmm you're right that fixed it, sorry about the panic.

Next question is I'm currently trying to debug an issue where sometimes the debug output is going missing (being completely blank) even though I know I've outputted stuff. Its behaving consistently but dependant on what code is being run so hopefully I'll be able to narrow down a more useful testcase to work out the why's of it.
Send the code (and config) as a pastebin or something to me via the support, I will keep an eye out the coming hour.

I can then run it in an environment where I can review logs and so.
I've worked out what the problem is - how lua handles unicode/non-ansi strings.
Given a cache with the name
name = "Église Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois" (GC2FNN9)
If you do either:
firstLetter = StringByte(name, 1) or
_,_, firstLetter =StringFind(name, "^(.)")
then you would expect
firstLetter == "É" to be true

In fact the result will be false, the reason being the name is being stored as a UTF-8 byte stream and É is actually represented as 2 bytes (c3, 88). However Byte and Find just treat name as a String of 8 bit bytes and return the first byte not the first utf-8 character. When I then try and Print(firstLetter) what is outputted is an invalid UTF-8 codepoint which will then presumably breaks string conversion/validation somewhere in the chain.

There's a bit more detail here:
We discussed this here on the forum in another thread yesterday. I made a solution then.
function firstLetter(str)
  return str:match("[%z\1-\127\194-\244][\128-\191]*")
EDIT: Well, I stole it of the internet.