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+8 votes
Feature request:
Filters for the tools Map Regions and Map Counties that allow the user to filter for found counties/regions with different sizes and cache types. The current filter named "Cache type / size" only affects what caches are shown on the map, the request would be for a filter that affects what region/counties are colored red or green in the tool.

This would be similar to the "D/T type / size" filter for the Map D/T Matrix-tool that helps you fill the D/T-matrix with a certain size or a certain cache type but it would help you collect counties/regions with a certain cache type or size. Trying to log Multis in as many different counties as possible in a country for example.

There are a couple of "not-a-checker"-checkers to keep track of this and I know multiple people that keep private offline statistics for these kinds of things so I'm surprised I couldn't find a feature request to bump, might have been bad searching on my part. :)

Edited 2022-02-07 to clarify the request a bit.
in Feature requests by Pleu (23.2k points)
edited by Pleu
Provided you're a paying member, the filter for cache type/size should be in the drop-down box under "add filter".
@Optimist on the run

The filter your suggesting does not do the thing I'm asking at all.

Compare the filters "Cache type / size" and "D/T type / size" on the Map D/T Matrix-tool to understand the difference in the filters and what I'm asking for.
I totally agree that the current filters on county/region maps are non-intuitive and minimally useful.  It only serves to find matching unfound caches when a county/region is selected -- not on the overall map.

The obvious reason to have a filter on a mapping page is map the results on that page.

1 Answer

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I support the request (upvoting is not available for me)
by mati16348 (210 points)