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0 votes
It would be great to have additional filters on the "What's hot?" tool page. Most useful would be the "Hide Found / Owned / Not found" filter, but the standard set from the "Top Favourite Caches" would be best.
in Feature requests by Team Gerris (160 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Hiding found and owned caches can be done on the map of the "what's hot?"-tool and all map based tools. Click the geocaching logo (also known as GX) in the right top corner of the map below full screen and zoom tools, click the star to remove owned caches and the smiley to remove found caches.

More info here:
by Pleu (12.1k points)
Thanks for this advice - this indeed works for the "found / owned / not found" caches, but not the other filters. Would be great to add those as well.