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+2 votes
I like to suggest a feature, which modifies the challenge checkers.

Let's take a look at this checker for example:

You might have green and red fields. My suggestion is, that any red field or (or empty field in general) should have a link to a cache search. This cache search should show all caches with the correspondend or required value, like for example earthcaches with D/T of 4.5/5 when you click on the field for 4.5/5 or so..

Like the 360 from home, where you click on one beam and it shows the caches on it.

This would make the search for required caches much more easier and faster.

Hope you understand what i mean.
in Feature requests by capsai (890 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
That would have to be implemented by the scriptwriter of every single script, I believe. This would be a lot of work, though perhaps some scripts could be modified.
by DrAcorn (3.4k points)
That's correct. Also note that the script does not have access to your home coordinates, so for some challenges it may be difficult to give a reasonable suggestion for caches since it doesn't know which ones are closest to you and "all the 4.5/5 caches in the world" probably isn't a very useful suggestion.