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0 votes
I have a locked 10,000 milestone for GC1169 on, if Project GC is getting data from then why is there a discrepancy in my Project GC milestone tab. This should not have occurred as I logged my caches very carefully one by one.
in Support and help by WanderingExplorer (6.8k points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Milestones is not something that Project-GC is able to fetch from so we need to calculate them ourselves. Since the information that provides us with is not enough to determine the order between lab cache finds and regular cache finds if they are made on the same day, milestones may differ from if you have lab cache finds on the day of the milestone (or his you have changed your milestones).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (182k points)
Since is the place where caches are logged and in reality the definitive source when it comes to counting number of cache finds then the data I see on my profile is correct and I should ignore Project GC milestone data because the software does not have the necessary information from Groundspeak to accurately calculate the information. By the way I was in the Seattle time zone when I logged my lab caches so I am not worried about the time zone differences.

Curious since adventure lab caches are becoming more prolific and more and more of them are added every day I see this as a significant issue going forward and I hope the Project GC developers are looking at ways to close this gap.
It's not a problem that Project-GC can solve; the information available to us from is insufficient. To be more specific, each cache log has a date and log ID which is a number. This tells us which log belongs on what date and in which order they come on that day. That was all fine and well until labs appeared. For labs, we get a timestamp. This also tells us which date the lab was logged on, but then it tells us the exact time. Obviously we can also sort lab finds in the proper order, but since we don't have a time for regular caches we can't tell in which way the sequence of regular cache finds and the sequence of lab cache finds should be intertwined.
Thank you for the insight.  Since Project-GC is unable to solve this issue I will just accept that.  The wiki page should have some additional detail added to inform users.  I went to the wiki on the Milestones tab first and found it inadequate. Who has the ability to add this kind of information?
@WanderingExplorer It's a wiki, anybody can add it. Click "log in" in the top right corner and you can add it yourself. :)
When determining order then do lab cache finds get inserted at the beginning of the day's finds or the end when looking at all caches on a single day?
@pinkunicorn so when Project-GC determines the order of caches for a day does it put lab caches at the beginning of the day or end? Also is there a way for me to get a list from the Project-GC the order in which Project-GC orders finds for a particular day for me, let's say 8/21/21.