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+2 votes
I have set up notifications for new caches (trad, multi, unknown, letter, wherigo). Somehow notifications of new multis are not sent out/received - unlike mails of new traditionals and unknowns. Anyone with solution or similar problems? I have recieved mail from geocaching com about a new multi in the neighbourhood, and I would expect a notification about the same multi cache from project-gc - but NO. It is not the first time notifications about multis are not received. I have checked trash and spam folders, but still no mail. I have received notifications of other new mails (trads and unknowns), I have not hit the limit for the day or month.

Hope to hear from someone. Thanks in advance

GEO Karen
in Bug reports by GEO Karen (360 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
I have noticed the same problem. I sent a direct mail to Project-gc but they just replied that mails must have lost somewhere in transit, which I do not believe because this has lasted several months now.
by JyNu (170 points)