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I'm not sure if this is a bug; moreover I think it would be a feature request, so I use this category.

From a "virtual GPS" content I build my gpx. When configuring the build process (before putting the task into the jobs queue), I can select to "refresh the corrected coordinates" (near there it says, when this has been done the last time).

Using "the corrected coordinates" is selected (by default), too. When the job has done, I get the GPX archive with corrected coordinates for true.

Now going back into the virtual GPS and the map view, I'd exspect/request to find these corrected coordinates therein, too.

Thanks and Regards
in Feature requests by itsbrody (2.3k points)
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1 Answer

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Do I understand the case correct when I understand it like this?

  1. You add corrected coordinates to a geocache.
  2. You add the cache into a VGPS.
  3. You build a GPX and refresh corrected (after this PGC should know your new coordinates).
  4. The GPX has the corrected coordinates.
  5. You click the button "Map list" within VGPS, and the caches are still in their original position?

This should not be the case. However, I wouldn't be surprised if it's due to data-caching. It would be interesting to know if they jump into their new (corrected) location after 15 minutes, or maybe even an hour. But I would expect within 15 minutes if it's data-caching.

If this is the case, we will have to dig a bit deeper and find out where we are caching where we probably shouldn't.

by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
selected by itsbrody

Yes,  you have summarized correctly and completely what I've done and you might be correct with your assumption of data-caching issue. Yesterday I was in a hurry when creating  the gpx and the printout from the Virtual GPS page including the map view. Thus I was waiting that the correction would happen.

In the meantime the map shows the corrected coordinates.

Would it be possible to priorize such manual update-requests that this data will go faster back into the database?
I just checked the behaviour again - you're right, its data-caching.

Round about 15 minutes after the gpx is available in this case the corrected coordinates are in the map. Thank you for the explanation.

Would suggest/request further, what I've asked in my comment before; just as the
"final step" of creating the gpx (and before signing the job as ready), when "refresh corrected " is selected.
The data-caching has now been rewritten in the DEV-environment. Expect a snappier behavior in a few days from now.

Thanks a lot for your support and the site at all