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0 votes

When displaying an elder "Virtual GPS" list, I stumbled while my Default Section (containing several caches) does not display a number before the text "favorite points":

8 caches, favorite points

also the in this section displayed caches contain FPs. The only I remember is, that I created this section manually, directly adding the GC codes in the field below. I tried to reproduce this but without luck. Other sections behave as expected. 

Thus I guess there is maybe something with the caches in this list, which hinders calculation and displaying of the FP sum. Any idea?


in Bug reports by itsbrody (2.3k points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Actually have no idea. Sounds close to impossible, but if we would look into it, I am sure we would find a reasonable explanation.

However. With our Virtual GPS v2 system, the same effect sure won't happen, and since it's not critical, we will not investigate it. It would be a bit of waste of time to fix something that hopefully won't exist in a few weeks anyway. This you couldn't know of course, so I am not complaining about your report.
by magma1447 (Admin) (226k points)

Thank you for your feedback. You're right that this behaviour is indeed not critical and in the outlook to the soon coming Virtual GPS V2 I fully agree.
For your general understanding: I'm self a support worker in my job and furthermore have in my private area supported several applications with very different/varying input,  when find them valueable to spend time for. The same reason applies for my several input here including comments, checkers & markers and also bug reports/enhancement requests.