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I have a FtF that is not showing up in my "FTF List" on PGC and I suspect that this is because the tag is contained within the [don't encrypt this text] portion of the encrypted log.

If I add {SgS} outside of the [don't encrypt this text] section then it gets encrypted to {FtF} as expected and passed to PGC and all is well with my count :)
But {FtF} inside the [don't encrypt this text] section doesn't work.

The FTF List page says "...tag your logs with one of these tags: {*FTF*} {FTF} [FTF]".
Is this last tag with square brackets part of the problem with respect to the [don't encrypt this text] section using square brackets as well?
in Bug reports by Etherlord Clan (120 points)
edited by Etherlord Clan
For reference, the FtF log in question is
I don't understand why you would encrypt the log to begin with, but an easy solution for this seem to be to just not encrypt the log or use a FTF-list for logs that are encrypted.

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