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It is nice to be ahead of the times, but unfortunately this is currently an error in the map display of the district map of Germany. If you display the map of Germany (total), Holland and Belgium are shown in water colour. Only the county borders are still visible. This error occurs both in the small map and in the enlargement, but not when the districts of individually selected federal states are displayed.

image_links: correct and false

in Bug reports by smellfooth (4.8k points)

1 Answer

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"It is nice to be ahead of the times" - Nice one. :)

There definitely is something going on here. If any country should be affected I guess Netherlands is a good one, considering the whole global warming debate.

Anyway, I have no clue of why it does as it does, but it's clearly wrong and I can reproduce it. I will investigate further.

UPDATE 1: So I  found the issue. There is a polygon for Netherlands. It's only used for creating these maps, in difference to the maps of regions and counties which are used for other things as well, for example determining the location of geocaches.

Anyway. For some reason (human error) the definition of USA's country polygon has been applied to Netherlands. So Netherlands is plotted, it's just further away (outside the map), and a lot larger. And we should all be glad that Biden hasn't taken this as an act of war. To be continued ...

UPDATE 2: The definition has been fixed and the polygon has been re-imported. We have dropped most of our cached data (pre-rendered map images). All map images are also cached in Cloudflare and the web clients though. Also, we haven't dropped all of them since it's hard to detect exactly which images should have included Netherlands.

There is a mechanism in Project-GC which at random re-renders images if they are older than a hard coded date. That date has been raised to make sure that images older than today will be re-rendered, sooner or later.

We apologize to the citizens of Netherlands for moving their country. We are happy to say that we haven't heard of any war yet, and that they geocaches in Netherlands not all have the boat attribute and are T5 now. ;)

by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
selected by smellfooth
Answer has been updated, twice.
Holland has risen from the floods. Many thanks for the detailed description of the error and, of course, the quick implementation of the correction.
Oh, good to hear we're no longer the 51st state of the US. We are still occasionally flooded though . . .