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0 votes
Has anyone else noticed delorme and adc challenge checkers stopped working on iphone/ ipad about a month ago. When I run a checker for one of these geographic challenges, the map grid no longer displays, just the list. It works fine on PC but no longer in ipad iphone which is what I use the most. Anyone else with this problem??
in Bug reports by Aegir101 (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
I saw somebody mention they had issues with maps for checkers when they used the Safari browser. Have you tried downloading an other browser like Firefox or Google Chrome and running the checker in that?
by Pleu (47.4k points)
No its definitely not that I tried that a while ago, everything was fine until early march and then it totally stopped working, I wonder if there was a patch that affected it or something
Yes, the problem I read about the Safari browser started about the same time. :)