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Is it possible to make a checker of how many of a certain type of cache I have found by giving word/s as a search thing, such as Mary MacKillop. I would like to display this on my profile page beside my SideTracked finds. I want the numbers to upgrade when I log another in this series. I am not the only person who targets caches in this series, which are now in several countries.
in Feature requests by Goldenwattle (130 points)

2 Answers

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Project-GC does not supply "checkers" that shows the count you have on a series. It's possible to create a challenge checker that shows how many caches you've found with a word in the title, but the "graphic to display in profile"-part is not something Project-GC do.
by Pleu (29.7k points)
Okay thanks, I suspected that might be the case.
"It's possible to create a challenge checker that shows how many caches you've found with a word in the title"

How would I do that?
Ask somebody that creates checkers nicely. :)

You wanted the word "Mary MacKillop", right? Here's a checker for that:
I didn't know how many caches there are in this series so I put the number at 1000, since it can't be used as a challenge I think it makes more sense to use a number where all/most people get red.
Thank you for doing this, although it can't be displayed with changing numbers, as the Church Micro and SideTracked caches do and which I have on my Profile. I guess I will need to change the number myself. Your checker though stops at 100, while at present there are 130 Mary MacKillop caches, most in Australian, but two in each of NZ and Europe as well. I have found 86 of them. I found that number by using filters on the Geocaching map.
I told you from the beginning that the function to see the number of caches logged from a list is not something that Project-GC supplies. This is something that other people have created and you would be better off asking them to create something similar for this series. Project-GC can not help you with this function, badges to put on your profile like that is not something Project-GC does.

Also the checker does not stop at 100, if there are caches in this series that are not picked up from the checker it's likely to be due to spelling errors in cache names. The checker shows the number of caches with the word  "Mary MacKillop" that you have found online. According to the checker that's a hundred caches, not 86. Apparently you've found caches outside of the series that contains the same name, and if all caches are not showing up it's likely due to things like  "Mary Mac Killop" or "MaryMacKillop" or other things that make it not be the same spelling and therefor not the same name.

Again. A better solution to get what you actually want here is to contact the person that made the banner for the other series and ask if they would want to add an other series to their workload.
Based on the webpages that supply the counters you use, that would be:
Church Micro:

I checked the main geocachingpage of the church micro series, this page: Considering it lists a couple of other series I would reach out to BaSHful (multiple links on the church micro page) and ask them if they would consider creating a similar stats page and banner for the "Mary MacKillop"-series. That's probably your best shot because asking on Project-GC will never get you a banner for your profile.
Yes, I had accepted it's not possible here on your earlier reply, and wasn't pushing the idea further, only commenting to other comments.
As for the difference. For interest, the different sources are counting them differently.
The geocaching filters on the map has for Australia & NZ "Showing 128 of 128 total results" for Mary MacKillop. Plus there are 2 in the British Isles, so total 130.
It's true there could be spelling mistakes, so I brought up all the Mary MacKillop caches on the CO's site and checked this by spell checker. No spelling mistakes. However, it shows 157 caches, so that doesn't match with the map.
The map says I have found 86. I did a quick count and got 94. I suspect the map is not counting archived ones.

The checker has, "You have found 100 out of 100 required caches with the specified words in the name."

Different numbers. Confusing.

I am not arguing, only showing the differences.

Reasonable suggestion, but I think those people running the SideTracked and Church Micro series would not be interested in this, and they would be busy enough as it is. Also, this series is mostly in Australia, while those other series are British. I will manually change the number on my Profile page.
You don't know if people are interested until you ask them. If there's a CO that has a site for the series that's also a more reasonable person to ask than Project-GC that has never made these kinds of badges.

I removed the checker since you didn't want it.
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by vogelbird (Expert) (55.5k points)
Thank you, but I already have both of those on my profile page. I was wondering how to set up another for a different series for my profile. Apparently that's not possible; at least for me, as I don't know enough to write an HTML.