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0 votes
On the profile stats under the Challenges tab, there is a section at the bottom that shows Challenges signed (but not yet logged as found).  How often is this updated for paid member?  I meet the requirements for some and it does not show green check mark. For example at the time of this writing I meet the requirements for GC8QXR2 when I run it independently, but it still has a red stop sign.
closed with the note: No longer an issue
in Support and help by WanderingExplorer (6.8k points)
closed by WanderingExplorer
Nevermind, guess I did not wait long enough. No longer an issue, closing
The answer to the question is that this is based on the auto-challenge-checkers and looking at the rules for those I would say "up to a week" is the correct answer. That's based on that you do nothing, if you run it yourself I would assume that the status is updated by that too.

More info about auto-challenge-checkers can be found here: