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–6 votes
When running this checker it includes caches you have found that have been arcived. Is there a tag to exclude those?
in Miscellaneous by ChrisDen (4.1k points)

2 Answers

+3 votes
The cache listing says "All finds prior to the listing of this cache do count" so I don't see why archived caches should not be listed.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (179k points)
The challenge is to find the current top 10 active favorites. If you have found one of those it counts.
The cache description is unclear. First it says "find and log the top ten caches (those with the most favourite points)". This does not exclude archived caches. Then the description goes to with "The current top ten can be found by following this link" and a link to that shows the top 20 active caches. This contradicts the first statement if there is an archived cache with lots of favorite points.

As Target says, you can't demand that people find archived caches (since they are not supposed to exist) but the normal thing is to allow them to be counted for challenges if you have already logged them.
+3 votes
There was two lines uncommented in the checker and disables and archives caches has until i fixed in now always been included. I change the default config to have the enabled because this is the way the script has worked before.
To can remove archived and disabled caches with the following tags "excludeDisabled":false,"excludeArchived":false
But are you sure that only active caches can be used? the challenge was published with the current challenges guidelines(excluding #12) if you look at the dates.
I wan not allowed to post a similar challenge with the requirement to log the current toplist with the motivation that you shall be able to use all finds when you determine if you meat the requirements
and the rule in the description :All finds prior to the listing of this cache do count
Disabled and archived caches are only in the result of the checker if you have found. Because you cant demand finds on archived or disabled caches in a challenge
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
Thank you for a comprehensive answer