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I'm looking for a way to find cachers who meet criteria for certain to-be challenge where the criteria is having found specific set of counties (across few countries).

For this I was first planning to use existing statistics tools (top county finders) and custom filters (custom filter with those counties only) as a help, but stumbled upon the following issues:

Top county finders stat does not allow adding a custom filter at all. I guess this is as it is and there are no ways around it?

The custom filter itself seem very limited - ie. I don't seem to find a way to create a single custom filter that would accept a predefined list of (16) counties from few (6) different countries. I guess there is no way to create a custom filter like that which would accept 16 counties from few different countries as criteria for finds?

Also, I've created a challenge checker for the particular challenge, and run it against few nicks individually but that seems like very slow approach on trying to identify the minimum 10 cachers meeting the criteria.
in Support and help by sm07 (330 points)
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