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BadgeGen, Calendar Cacher is not calculating correctly. It gives too high number (3291) for me. In addition, it does not count up after I log in new dates, but has stood still for a long time. Maybe waiting for me (2752) to catch up? :)

/ svegrim

in Support and help by svegrim (360 points)
recategorized by pinkunicorn (Moderator)

4 Answers

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I don't see a problem. You have filled your calendar x8, and you need a further 3 dates for x9. Thus 366 * 8 + 363 = 3291. That number will increase once you log on one of the three dates you need for your 9th loop.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (182k points)
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I see a problem, because I have filled the calendar up to yesterday with 2755 online logged calendar days. Thus filled my calendar 7x, and need 193 more days for my 8th loop. The same numbers shown in the previously attached picture have been showing for more than a month without numbers changing despite me logging more online, most recently three days yesterday.

by svegrim (360 points)
As I said, the numbers in the image above will only change if you log more finds on one of the three dates that are remaining to fill your 9th loop.

Note also that Tools -> Needed found dates does not include lab cache finds (none of the tools and stat lists do). However, your Profile stats page (and thus your badges) do, since you have the setting to include lab caches in your stats activated. This means that Needed found dates and badgegen will report different numbers. Neither of them agree with the numbers you quote above, though; I don't know from where you get those.
Since the picture above, I have online logged for another seven days (2022-10-31, 2022-11-04, 2022-11-05, 2022-11-06, 2022-11-08, 2022-11-11, 2022-11- 12) without changing the values.
My figure of 2755 is from my own database. Have now also imported to GSAK and get the same number almost as one (2754).
There is not a day where I logged lab cache without logging a "regular" cache.
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SUMMA = 2754 + 1

by svegrim (360 points)
0 votes

SUM = 2754

by svegrim (360 points)
That summary is irrelevant for the calendar badge. You are summing the number of days you have logged caches on. The calendar badge sums, as can be seen in my original response, the number of dates in the calendar that you have logged a cache (plus 366x the number of completed loops).

This means that the badge first has a value from 0-366, until you have filled your entire calendar.

After that, the number will be between 366 and 2x366 until you have filled your calendar twice. However, you don't get one more for each day you cache the second year, you only get one more for each date where you only had one find previously. However, for each date that you logged more than one cache on while filling your first loop, the count will already be incremented.
Now I understand! Excuse my slow thinking.
Not as interesting as I thought. Sees in my database that I pass the 17th lap now on the 19th of November, but it will take some time before I log in online so it will be official.