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According to my Profile Stats, on the BadgeGen tab, under Belt Information, I've uploaded 339 photos to my found logs, but yet if I look under Badge Information (on the same tab), The Shutterbug stat shows 344.

Why is there a difference?  Which is correct?
in Bug reports by sapien (170 points)
mine shows 2136 (shutterbug) and 1651 (the belt )
could 1651 be the actual number of logs rather than the number of photos ? (yea I know it says 'per photo' - just thinking of an explanation for the disparity)

Also my gallary on the main website says - 2180 - but I think that images I have uploaded to my own caches may be the cause for that difference
Wow, you have quite the discrepancy compared to me.  I know part of the difference between and Project-GC numbers is that PGC doesn't count pictures from TB logs, and possibly even 'write log' logs.  I'm not 100% sure about the 'write notes' though.  

Anyways, I've had the same theory (logs with pictures, not the number of pictures in logs) as well but the math still doesn't work for me.  In the first 2 pages of my gallery, I already see that I have at least 5 logs that have multiple pictures (2 or more) attached to them so the numbers in PGC would be further out of sync if that's the cause.  

So as far as I can tell, it remains an unsolved mystery for now....At least I know I'm not just me now so thanks for replying. :-)

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