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I have had a look to see if this (Q1) has already been asked and answered and can not find it - apologies if it has.
In the 'CO Hides' stats page there is the Total favourite points recieved statistic which has the total number and then in brackets a %age.

presumably this %age is a Total Favourite points / total finds figure or similar (clarification needed) 

For my fav count I have calculated the total of finders of my caches total and not including any sort of event (as you don't get favs for those) and found this is not near the %age figure given in the brackets 

Question 1. How is that worked and does it take into consideration premium member status of finders of those caches (as it is only PMs that can give fav points) ?

In addition to this - there is the Favourite Points Received table - found in Statistics/find stats/Top Favourite Points logged 

which is different to the Statistics/cache stats/top favourite % table

in that it charts a cachers total fav point count for all their owned caches

Question 2.  Would it be possible to do a similar table for 'favourite points received %age' table which charts the %age of Total Favourite points / total finds for all caches owned by each cacher 


in Feature requests by Deepdiggingmole (13.8k points)
Anyone any ideas ?

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