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On I have a county that shows that I found a cache in it.  On Project GC that county shows as not having found a cache there.  How do I correct this problem in Project GC?  I am just starting to use Project GC so please give specific instructions on how to fix the problem.

Updated:  On my profile it shows I have found a cache in Lawrence county, South Dakota.  On Project GC that county does not show that I have found a cache in that county.  What do I need to do so that on Project GC it also shows I have found a cache in Lawrence county, South Dakota?

my name is mcmm1 if you want to look at my profile and South Dakota.

Go to Project GC then Statistics: Profile Stats; Profile name (mcmm1); Maps tab; Scroll down and choose South Dakota.  Lawrence County does not show I have a cache in that county but I do have that county on my profile.  How do I correct that in Project GC?
in Support and help by mcmm1 (110 points)
edited by mcmm1

3 Answers

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I think you need to give a better example of what you mean since does not have counties at all.

Do you mean regions? Where in Project-GC is it missing? Where on can you see it?
by Pleu (48.1k points)
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Missed your update here. Still curious about where at you're seeing that you have a log in county. does not have county-support. I assume you're comparing to which is not

Anyway, I did some digging. GCZNJB is right at the border of Lawrence County, however it is in fact placed in Weston County in Wyoming. The way to correct this is to revisit Lawrence County and log a new cache there, preferably something that is placed a mile or more from the border.

by Pleu (48.1k points)
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Remember that uses county data as chosen by the cache hider, whereas PGC uses county data according to the cache's published coordinates. The hider may have chosen the wrong county for their cache, probably because they did not know exactly where that border is.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (46.3k points)
This isn't true. You're talking about States/Provinces/Regions (Project-GC uses Regions for these areas), OP is talking about counties. does not have county-data at all.