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in Feature requests by emve (150 points)
retagged by emve

2 Answers

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I like the idea. It sounds similar like my Feature Request for a Country Map.
If you want you can vote for that request.

by PHIL (750 points)
–2 votes
A list of those of the almost 250 countries that you haven't found a cache in? That doesn't seem useful or reasonable. There are lists of all the countries used in the different continent-definitions in the FAQ you can use if you want to know which countries you're missing or stuff like that:
by Pleu (47.4k points)
I dont expect the complete list under "world map", but under the maps of continents. There are very small countries, which are invisible on map.
To be honest, the complete list in FAQ is "hidden" somewhere on site.
Well, I'm just a user but IMO this is a bad idea. It will just be cluttering in the stats for most people and the information is available already for those that want it. I would support a link to the FAQ post at most but honestly I don't understand how the FAQ-section could be considered "hidden". It's the logical first place to check as far as I'm concerned.
I think this really shouldn't make much sense in the map area of the user profile. But what's wrong with a separate world or continent map-page in the tools menu with visited/unvisited countries and corresponding lists, like there are currently for federal states and counties?
@PHIL Not sure what you're implying here but this doesn't seem like a relevant comment to my answer as it has nothing to do with what I said.
@Pleu ???
I'm not implying anything. I'm not sure if it's because of my translation (for me as a non-native English speaker), but based on your harsh response I'm pretty sure you understould something very differently than it was meant. Sorry for that.

I think that my comment is relevant for the topic and to avoid misunderstandings I'll try to explain it again briefly:

I agreed with you that emve's suggestion (to show all the unvisited countries in the profile stats) is not very helpful as it means that the stats are more cluttered for most people.
At the same time, I think that a world map or continent map in a completely different place on the website (similar to the map tools "Map Regions" and "Map Counties") could be very helpful for many people (and would also fulfil the requirements described by emve).
@PHIL You've already necroposted an answer with this suggestion, there's no reason to do even more necroposting in the comments here as it's not more relevant in the comments of something completely different.
The implementation to display complete list of countries is easy. The list of countries without find can be collapsed by default to prevent of "cluttering". I dont think, that static list somewhere in the FAQ is the same as this feature. I dont want to compare two lists manually, if it can be done automatically.
My suggestion is much easier for implementation than the feature described by PHIL, but it could work for me too.
BTW PHIL's comment is relevant and describes different way how to implement my suggestion.