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+1 vote
I enjoy doing cache maintenance and getting the troops in order. It’s almost as good as finding caches. I think it would be great to raise the profile of the green maintenance spanner to a level equivalent to that of a smiley.

Would it be possible to have your green spanners as part of your stats, and have a reward badge on BadgeGen too? I think this would be cool way to promote cache maintenance - it would be a win-win for COs and seekers.

I note that there were some comments previously about frequent maintenance suggesting a poorly designed cache - but I would argue that no cache can ever be maintenance free. There is always cache creep, full logbooks, wet contents, torn ziplock bags, rubbish and damage to containers that affect every single cache. Regular, pro-active maintenance is the sign of a committed CO, and it would be great to see this recognised.
in Feature requests by Mister Doctor (130 points)
People are already posting fake-maintenance logs. While it would be good to encourage good maintenance I doubt this would increase actual maintenance but it would probably increase the fake-maintenance logs.
Oh - fake maintenance logs! How sad!
I agree with the fake maintenance issue - there are many COs who log a OM log simply to comment that they will do the maintenance some time in the future and get rid of the spanner - complete misuse of the OM log and would unfortunately skew this sort of stat - I would also think that if this stat was available it would actually raise the level of those misused OM logs

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