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I posted this request (with far less context) in the Miscellaneous section of the Challenge Checkers Forum a while ago, but got no response. I will try again here.

Feature Request

The current page that displays a checker's tags is... unwieldy. It is simply one giant list of tags that all load in at once. For scripts with many (> 1000) tags, this can make a number of checker-related operations slow. I would like to propose the following changes:

(1) Paging of tags. It would be nice if the tags were split across multiple "pages" (say, 100 tags per page.) This way, not all tags are loaded in at once. This reduces the strain on both the tagger's computer as well as the PGC servers.

Example - note that the paging buttons:

(2) Searching of tags. It would be lovely to see a search mechanism for tags on a particular script. Use-cases:

- A user wants a tag edited, so they email me. The only way for me to locate the tag is via Control-F. This is... annoying; it would be nice to see some kind of built-in search.

- A user asks for a "test checker" or a "statistic generator checker" to be edited, so they email me. Now, there is no "good" way to locate this particular tag without (1) opening the checker page, (2) reading the tag comment, (3) Control-F for the tag comment.

Example - note the search filter "tagger:" which I would use to filter down to only my tags:

(3) Editing of tags from the "My scripts and tags" page. This is similar to (2). When I am on the "My scripts and tags" page, I see a big list of tags. Each one has an "Edit tag" button. However, when I click this, it opens the script page at puts me at the top of the big list of tags.

So if I want to edit a particular checker, I must first locate it in the "My scripts and tags" page, and then click the "Edit tag" button, and then locate it a second time amongst all the other tags on that script. What would be nice to see is "Edit tag" taking me directly to the edit menu, like this:

Clicking "Edit" beside tag opens the editor immediately...

in Feature requests by Hügh (1.8k points)
Incidentally, one of the reasons I ask this is to gauge interest of PGC administrators: if they say that they will not develop these features, then I will write a GreaseMonkey userscript. Of course, if these changes can be made directly to the website then it is far better for everyone.

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