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+3 votes
A FP% column in the Logs Received module of the hides tab would be useful (FP/finds).
in Feature requests by Optimist on the run (Expert) (20.1k points)
Not an easy one to give a proper %age I believe since the %age figure would be based on ALL finds, that is premium and non-premium member finds and since only premium can give favourites (I have never understood why that is) then the figure is not a true reflection of the %age of how many have been given out, from only those who can.
For example 100 finders of a cache - 75 are PM and of that 50 give a Fav
A true figure of FP/Finds %age should be 66.6% - but the given one will be 50%
Only PM only caches will give a truer picture and even then we know a few NPM logs do sneak into those too.
So unless you are just after an overall %age not taking the above into consideration
Good point, I hadn't considered that.
It is fairly standard, both at and at Project GC to only consider premium member finds when computing favourite statistics, as Deepdiggingmole describes. So your request is still possible and sensible (and if it gets enough up votes might actually happen). The bigger issue is in adding another column, reducing space for the geocache name.

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