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I just heard from the "field notes" utilities and wanted to get more information on that. May be there is a special blog for that? I want to use it as foreseen but not with a GPSr as described: where can I get detailed format information to generate "my own field notes" for upload?

closed with the note: I am using field notes by means of GSAK utilities and excel lists. Works great!
in Feature requests by H_M_A (1.7k points)
closed by H_M_A

2 Answers

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Is anything on pgc linked to field notes?
On the web I have only seen them on and locally in GSAK.
I found some documentation on the format at
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
selected by H_M_A
I use them now since then and it shows as very productive if you have many logs with the same or at least similar text. By use of an underlying excel script I manage to include the different GC numbers, dates, times, and counts. Only when I have > 50 logs I use the GSAK utility "publish logs". But also with this the preparation of the records is identical to the described above.
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Thanks again. Studying these informations lead me to a useful procedure with a well prepared excel sheet, which now allows me to increase my throughput when logging several geocaches on a successful caching day. It also allows me to keep track on date, time, and number of the individual geocache within my logs.
by H_M_A (1.7k points)