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0 votes

Are there any alternatives to searching for challenge checkers besides the search bar on the challenge checker page? I am putting together a series of challenges and was hoping to not have to create a bunch of unique checkers. I was wondering if there is a catalog somewhere that lists all the checkers?

in Support and help by Forest-Ghost (730 points)
Be advised - I recently came across a few challenges where the cacher had searched for checkers - found what he was looking for (in terms of the theme) and then cloned the checkers for his challenges - However what he didn't realise was that the output was for a specific country and not his own and additionally the challenges themselves were not allowed under the new guidelines

I am not saying you won't have researched this properly but with which ever way you do search (if you don't end up simply requesting all the required checkers) make sure the checker is fit for the specifics you need

1 Answer

+1 vote
Unfortunately I believe that is the only way for users. Alternatively, you could search by title on and find checkers that way, or as a scriptwriter, I can give you some links if you want to give me some criteria.
by DrAcorn (5.0k points)