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One of my caches, GC4M2A5, has recently had a decrease in the number of finders. I think this was due to one of the finders deleting their account. According to the cache page, there are now 49 find logs, however PGC still shows this at 50. I've done a self-service refresh of that cache and all my hides, and waited a couple of days but it still shows the wrong count. Is there any other way to recalculate this?
in Bug reports by Optimist on the run (Expert) (20.1k points)
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Changed this to a bug report as it's still showing the wrong total.
This seems to be due to changed behavior in the HQ API. Alternatively some corner case they have made, like a direct database hack which affects us. In other words, this isn't supposed to happen.

We can easily fix it. But before we do we need to understand if it's a one off, or this is something Project-GC will need to understand and fix itself in the future.

We are still looking into things.
Further investigation says that this is changed behavior in HQs end. Their change has ruined our flow, and it doesn't seem like anything we can fix in our end.

In short, we aren't being informed about deleted logs, which we were before.

Geocaching HQ has been contacted and we'll await their response.
Thanks for looking into this.
Geocaching HQ acknowledged my email last Friday. They have in turn created an issue in their system. I would assume that it gets a fairly high priority, but as most software companies they probably work with scrum or something similar where the closest two weeks always are planned already.

All in all I wouldn't be surprised if this takes a few weeks. But we would like to keep this geocache broken until then, since it's our best way to test any fixes at the moment. It's our only known case, though I am sure there are plenty more.
That makes sense, thanks.
Looks like PGC and Groundspeak are now back in sync for this cache.
Thank you for informing us.

What has happened since last time I replied is that HQ got back to us with a suggestion of how to work this. From my perspective it sounded clumsy and I asked for some details around it. My feeling was that it could be solved smoother. They were going to look into it and get back to me again. That was October the 31st.

Since then I actually haven't heard anything. But it seems like they actually have fixed it. I ran some API calls now and the deleted log was (589535235, GLMJRTZJ). That is now gone from our API responses.

I am not sure if Project-GC will auto delete them this way, I am actually fairly sure it won't. But at least it will if a complete refresh of the geocache happens (which the self-support system can supply).  There are also other ways it can be triggered more automatically.

But for Project-GC it would have been best if we in the response got information about the log, with a flag set that it has been deleted. That's what happens if a user deletes a single log.

In other words, we will have to follow this up some more in our end.

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