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Currently the Singapore map only supports very coarse grained regions. There are only five regions. It looks like this:

Singapore can be further subdivided into what the government calls Planning Areas, though colloquially it's more commonly referred to as districts or neighbourhoods.

Here's the wikipedia page for Singapores administrative divisions, showing the hierarchy of Regions > Planning Areas:

Here's the wikipedia page for our Planning Areas:

Our government provides boundary data for Planning Areas here, in GeoJSON and KML formats:


I've built a small tool to visualize my cache finds on a map subdivided by these Planning Areas. It looks like this:

While it's already useful for me, it'd be nice if a map like this was readily available to other Singaporeans using project-gc. Ideally we'd be able to toggle between subdivisions by region, and by planning areas. Similar to how the US map can be toggled between subdivisions by state and counties.

Finally, if this suggestion is implemented, might I suggest that the map be named "Districts" instead of "Planning Areas"? While the latter is the formal term used by our government, the former is how the locals typically refer to these subdivisions.

closed with the note: Based on further exploration of how project-gc models their map boundary data, it looks like the site only supports subdivisions by (1) regions, then (2) counties. Singapore's planning areas can't be accurately described as a county, so I don't think they fit into project-gc's data model.
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