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I found a few more errors

New Caches and it has bad found dates and happy smiles on last found :)

I post a screenshot for u to look at


in Bug reports by Ronnya71 (760 points)
Updated my answer.

1 Answer

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Thank you, will look into both these. Most likely quite fast to fix, just need to complete the current task first.


The date issue has been fixed in our development environment, and will be released during the weekend.

But the Latest logs-issue is a huge change for us. This will have to wait for quite some time. We would have to redesign how we store this data, and it would affect many aspects of the site. Probably 2 days of work to change that behaviour. As you might have understood, it's only an issue when the cache don't have 7 finds/dnfs. We may also be interested in changing so that we can show other log types (disable, enable, nm ...)

by magma1447 (Admin) (230k points)
selected by Ronnya71