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0 votes
The new version of virtual-gps looks great but I still have problem to delete old lists (I have a few really big one).

An idéa is to make the cache-list in grid format with selection eg. for deletion.
in Feature requests by Karl XI (350 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Could you please tell me the name of a lsit that you have issues with? There really should not be any problems deleting lists due to size anymore. Neither selecting them.

Without adjusting any settings, a list almost regardless of size should only take 1-5 seconds to load on a desktop computer. The trick is that the client actually never gets more than 1000 rows at a time (configurable with the select box in the grid footer).

1000 rows should equal in about 100 kB of data, so bandwidth shouldn't be an issue.
by magma1447 (Admin) (230k points)
Hej ganja1447,

The list : Sweden 2009
Caches: 10.742

//Karl XI
The list took me almost 13 seconds to load (I copied it to myself), so my estimate of 1-5 seconds was a bit off. What happens when it fails? Don't you get the grid at all, or is it just empty? If you get the grid footer, you can the select box from 100 to 1000. That will reduce the load time to less than 10%. Takes me less than 2 seconds if I set it to 100.

If that doesn't help, could you screenshot how it looks when it doesn't work? Also, what web browser are you using?
Hi Ganja1447,

Yes it is loading fine now.

Tried to delete some cache-lists. The first one was ok but the after loading a second one I could not select "Manage list" to continue. I tried a new tab in the same session and could there also only delete one list.

I used Chrome and Safari on OsX and IOS

//Karl XI

PS Now am I running out of lists ;)