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Hi all,

Just wondering after receiving a Found log message of my geocache saying it's their very first geocache find. Since all your own geocache's information is analyzed, and that a lot of geocachers' stats are also analyzed here:

Can it be calculated how many geocachers have made their very first geocache find, per a certain geocache of your own, or even others?

If one out of 100 geocachers made their very first find with your geocache, it would be 1% of whatever-called unit, like "MVFF My Very First Find", something like a beginner's geocache hider rating/index? One's very first geocache find would always be remembered, and is always displayed as a Milestone #1 in everyone's geocaching stats. 

Yes, I understand that Favorite Points could be used for beginner's geocache index, yet this is a Premium member-only feature, and almost no beginner would have Premium membership from the start and also one would need at least ten (10) finds to earn a Favorite point to give out, and then have to give back retroactively. Yes, D/T rating is another parameter for beginners to use, and lower the D/T rating the more easier to find. 

I think this would be another good stats information for proud geocache owners, like the Caching karma and FP h-index here. This ratio could be used to 'lure' and eventually 'hook' new geocachers, while rewarding the geocache owner with assurance.

The issue I can see is that each geocache does not hold each and every geocacher's very first find records as the Find count for everyone in the geocache page would be updated as they find new ones. This information is only associated to each geocacher's stats, yet it is not fed back to the geocache owners, me think. This is where Project-GC could help, with all the geocaching numbers are crunched here all the time.

Who does not love reading logs saying "Found my first geocache!" of your own geocache?

And, I would love to know how many geocacher have found their very first geocaches with my own and easily, without reading through ALL the Found logs. ;)

Just wondering...

in Miscellaneous by Dr.MORO (160 points)

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