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About challenge chaches

From the rules:

  • Cachers may sign a challenge cache's physical log at any time. However, the challenge cache may be logged as found online only after the log is signed and the challenge tasks have been met and documented.
  • For cache pages published after April 21, 2015 with a challenge checker, the owner can confirm the finder's qualification with the checker when the cache is logged as found. No further documentation is required from the finder.

According to this, I don't need to supply a documentation that I have met the requirements (if the cache has been published after the above mentioned date). However, almost all the "younger" challenge caches I have seen state in their listings that I have to supply a proof (screenshot or copied text from the checker).

So, do I have to supply a proof/documentation?

Thanks in advance!
I couldn't find any proper answer in the GC forums.

in Miscellaneous by marcoli (220 points)

1 Answer

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No, according to the guidelines you don't have to supply documentation when logging a challenge.

You might chose to do so any way, it could be of benefit for you if you later lose your qualification (for example if the challenge is related to D/Ts and an important cache changes D/T.), if it's then documented in the log then everybody will understand what happened there.

If the question is really about a owner that deleted a log for you then you should make an appeal to Geocaching HQ. I would expect them to reinstate that log.
by Pleu (47.4k points)
selected by marcoli
Thanks! That helps. In my case the requirement was to have logged 180 or more Earth Caches. That would be easy to just read from my profile.
In his listing the owner asks to provide a proof in the log, he also states that a referral to the profile wouldn't be sufficient.
Anyway, I haven't logged yet or contacted the owner. I just wanted to make sure.
If it's a newer challenge (published after April 21, 2015) I'd actually argue that it's against the guidelines to state such a thing in the cache description and it would be a good idea to post a "Reviewer Attention Rrquested" log (former NA) on the page. It's allowed to say something like "The CO appreciates if you include your documentation in the log", but it's absolutely not allowed to delete a log over lack of documentation. The CO is expected to run the checker if there is concerns.