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0 votes
Cache in question is GC3EM0C. I noticed that my "Not Chosen" size total is off by one between the two websites, and I traced it to this cache. Thanks in advance for any insight!
in Miscellaneous by bkelly13 (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Most likely scenario is that the size was recently changed on and Project-GC hasn't fetched the update yet. If the cache was edited after the most recent logs this would happen, the cache would then be fetched the next time somebody logs it.

I did a manual update of GC3EM0C and it's now an other if you add it to a virtual GPS. It will take some time before the cache is corrected everywhere and after that you're profile stats would have to re-render before you're seeing the correct number there. Doing a manual refresh of your numbers (orange support button) should probably give you correct profile stats at next rendition.
by Pleu (47.5k points)