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0 votes
I just have a question for all who love statistics: Will Block Parties count as Mega-Events?

It's interesting to many challenges, like this one:

Thank you in advance!

in Miscellaneous by Khamssin (140 points)
CCE got us the L&F addon, do not forget this.

1 Answer

0 votes
Block Parties are Block Parties, they are their own icon and that's what makes them special. They are not Megas.

The linked checker does not include block parties and unless the CO asks to update it they will have no effect on the qualifications.
by Pleu (48.0k points)
Yeah, so will BadgeGen get a new Icon for Block Parties?
Why should it? It's a temporary thing that they're this available and there is already an addon for block party available.
Curious as to why somebody have downvoted a correct answer, makes no sense. It's correct even if you don't like it and downvotes on correct answers are not helpful.
Do get Block Parties anywhere their own icon?
I don't see why that should be done. There were no changes made for community celebration events that were endlessly more used for stats by the dedicated hunters than block parties could possibly be due to the rules. Wouldn't really make sense to make big changes for soemthing that as far as we know is just a one time thing.
CCEs are included in the total of events for the social cacher badge. It would make sense to include Block Parties in the total number for the Mega Social Cacher badge. Though I'll be satisfied just to get the 6th add-on for my Geocacher badge!