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This is not a question, but rather a solution created by me to ease the process of updating dynamic location for new cache notifiers.

I found the configuration of GPS logger overwhelming for what it's supposed to do regarding the new cache notifiers at Project-GC.

I have created a simple yet useful webapp that imitate the request that GPS logger makes to update the new cache notifier with dynamic location. It does not use any data on server side. It just composes a URL that GPS logger sends on location updates and performs it on behalf of the user. It remembers the values in user's browser.

One can choose location from the map or use the device's GPS to update the notifier location. It should work on all mobile devices.

If you want, you can check it out working here: and the source code is available here:

Happy hunting!
in Feature requests by kranfagel (140 points)
Nice thinking.

If you want to you may add links on Maybe under a section called something like Related this party tools.

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