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I am running the latest version of Safari. I use Tampermonkey to run the web browser extension. It wasn't until recently that Tampermonkey would load the Project GC script. It was fixed.

Now, I cannot get the web extension to authenticate. It reads, "Not Logged In" at the top of the Geocaching page. If I click the link, I go to a page that tells me to authenticate. I click the Authenticate button and am taken to another page on Geocaching with a button to Agree to the authorization. Then the page goes to Project GC. But I am never logged in to the web extension. It continues to read, "Not Logged In". And I am not logged in.

I did try removing authorization for Project GC on the Geocaching web site. I have run the script on other devices.

Is this a Geocaching issue? Project GC issue? Tampermonkey issue? Any help would be appreciated.
in Support and help by South Lyon Trekkers (510 points)

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