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I have some Challenges that we have signed the cache log and I posted a "Write Note" online.

We've since realized that we will probably never qualify for the Challenge and would like to remove them from our "Signed Challenges".

At the top of the page it states:

  All noted challenges which aren't logged, locked or owned are listed. For exclusion they can be tagged in the logs with [NOT-SIGNED].

I have added a "Write Note" log entry to one of the Challenges on our list per the instructions and the cache is still on our list??  I initially assumed that it just takes time, but it is has been several weeks and it is still on the list.  I tried adding another log entry and still no luck.

What am I doing wrong??  Is it possible this is a bug?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jack...

in Support and help by JacknPeg (120 points)
What GC code?
The 1st one I've tried to remove is GC9PKFT.  There will probably be others I want to remove but this is the only one I've tried.
It may be that you need to add [NOT-SIGNED] to your original log of 26 March 2022, rather than adding later logs. However this is functionality I've never tried, so I'm not sure exactly how it works.
Additional comment - I just tried it with one of my unfulfilled finds, and it disappeared off the list of logged challenges almost immediately - see
Thanks, I should have realized I needed to go back to and edit my original.  That worked, Thanks again!!

1 Answer

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You need the to add the text to the actual log, not post a new log. The site tracks all logs on challenges so if you have multiple notes on the same challenge all notes need to include the text.
by Pleu (48.0k points)