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0 votes
When I use the leftmost button on the bottom of the table, the table changes its appearance and I assume it is meant to be maximized. However, on mobile Safari the table is now only one line high and the buttons on the bottom are gone. Small bug, just wanted to let you know.
in Bug reports by DerLakaiMS (6.7k points)
It might be worth mentioning which version of iPad you are using.

The website for the fullscreen plugin being used states it is supported on Safari 5.1+ . A bit of research on Google suggests that iPad 1 and some iPad 2s have a lower version of Safari, but some iPad 2s and 3+ have 5.1 or above.
Good point. It is an iPad Mini retina with iOS 8.1.2 (on iOS there is no separate version number of mobile Safari, and I am not sure what the corresponding desktop Safari version number would be, but it is the latest version)
Same behaviour on my tablet (Lenovo Yoga10) using Chrome-Browser

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