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How do I search for a cache by elevation

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Does this use the same question/answer principle as the checker for a specific challenge?
asked Jan 20, 2015 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by Go-pher-It (1,000 points)

3 Answers

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No solution in Geocaching. But in Project-GC go to Statistics / Top Elevation, and enter the country details you require.  Alas this is the best option so far, but it doesgive me an idea for improvements to Project GC...
answered Jan 20, 2015 by the Seagnoid (Expert) (40,030 points)
Thanks for the answer.  So I notice that on the statistics page it shows the top 10 and bottom 10 elevations, but more specifically, can I query or search for a specific elevation range and find what caches I've logged as a find in that category?
Currently no. The profile stats page shows top and bottom 10, but Statistics / Top elevation shows EVERY cache for the selected region. That's Statistics from Progect-GC's main menu.
Not a bad idea though, to add this sort of functionality to... probably the generic search on the dashboard page. You could log a feature request to search for caches and report on finds based on an elevation range.
Thanks for giving me another direction to look to make my search a little bit easier.  I will keep in mind posting a GC code here or there to see if there is already a checker for them or whether one is needed.
+3 votes

If you are a paying member you can add caches to the virtual GPS. There you can filter on all parameter of the cache that are listed and elevation i one of them.

The problem is that the caches has to be added to the VGPS  with for example map compare. The problem i that all caches you what to look at the data for has to be added and mapcompare only shows max 10000 caches and you have to split the result. The PQ splitter can probably be used for this
It you whant to add all your finds it no problem if you have <10000 find ans you have to split the result by some parameter for more finds.
If the elevation is for a challenge please post the GC coded to add a checker. If it is a simpel caches with specific elevations scripts existe
answered Jan 20, 2015 by Target. (Expert) (104,060 points)
Thanks for the help.  This should make several of my searches a lot quicker and easier to accomplish.
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answered Jan 28, 2015 by jeancar (370 points)
Thank you also jeancar!  i know it's been awhile since I asked this question but  this does help!