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+5 votes
Okay, this is a biggie.

How about everywhere there is a list of caches - dash board query results, statistics/Top elevation, profile / needs maintenance - wherever, format the list the same way with select and select all options and provide buttons at the bottom:  "Export selected to virtual GPS" and  "Map selected". Where a list spans multiple pages - probably the buttons should just select the caches on the current page. I'm not sure about wether multipage exports are a good idea. For example, top elevation lists every cache in the selected region. this could be quite a few thousand caches). Every map page should also have a Export to Virtual GPS button, if possible selecting just the caches in the the current view (maybe greyed out if zoom is too far out / number of caches is too large)

Why? Currently there are many lists - top elevation, for example, or results from a dashboard query, that people may want to export out and target. May as well make it a standard across the site.

This is a big ask and will require a redesign of much of the site.

If you like the idea vote up. It you don't like it vote down. If there are enough up votes this might get put on the project list. (But don't expect it to happen soon - poor Ganga is overworked already!)
in Feature requests by the Seagnoid (Expert) (42.9k points)

1 Answer

0 votes
I actually upvoted it myself, even though I think most places work more or less like this. But we are trying to make more and more pages use the same code base and have a genuine design. But it's hard when we are changing things everywhere all the time, and sometimes we don't see the whole scope and future before building things.

Keep voting . ..
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)